Why a Junior Intermediate Iyengar Yoga class (and what is it?)?

When I say “Why a Junior Intermediate Yoga class?” I mean from my own perspective and that of a student. First though, what is it?

Utthita Padangusthasana 2

Utthita Padangusthasana 2 – balancing has never been that easy for me!

I’m not going to give you loads of information about Iyengar Yoga, probably you already know, if you’re reading this anyway! If not type it into Google and you’ll get loads of hits, or alternatively visit my website, www.yogahannah.co.uk, where you’ll find a brief description and useful links.  Junior Intermediate class though, less obvious.  It comes from the way the Iyengar’s train their teachers, which is very thorough.  In the UK it takes two and a half years to train to be an Introductory Teacher.  This allows the teacher to run what we would consider to be a general class. The next stage on is the junior Intermediate levels (broken down into 1,2 and 3).  In a Junior Intermediate class you can expect to continue to practice the asanas you’ve become familiar with in a general class with a little bit more information and with a view to prepare you for some new, slightly more challenging asanas.  You will also get some new asanas to practice, which is always fun if you enjoy your yoga practice (well, I think it’s fun anyway) and then further your practice by gradually learning how to improve on what you already have.  I know I’ve surprised myself at what I can do or learn to do as I’ve followed this path.

Abhaya Padangusthasana

Abhaya Padangusthasana

So, why would you want to have a go at a Junior Intermediate class, what students would it suit?  It is definitely not a class for complete beginners, but rather for students who are beginning to get to grips with most of the general asanas and would like to learn more.  You don’t necessarily need to be super experienced though, since passing the first Jnr Int level (I have now passed the first two), I have included some of the asanas in my general classes when the current students are capable, so it’s not a massive step up.  As usual with Iyengar Yoga, equipment can be used to support your learning and get the correct actions in the asanas.  You’re not expected to get every asanas the first time you try, certainly there are some that come more easily, but I have had to learn how to do many of them through practice (which should put me in a good place to help others).

Akarna Dhanurasana 1

Akarna Dhanurasana 1

While the core students of a general class are always very understanding when beginners start and they have to go over old ground (always handy to pick up the odd point that you missed before or have forgotten), it will cease to be an issue in a Jnr Int class. Now then, why would I like to teach a Junior Intermediate Class? Well, partly because I can I suppose, it will be interesting and fun to work with students who already have a love of Yoga and the benefits it brings.  Having worked hard to begin to master these asanas (some of them anyway), I am also feeling ready to pass on what I’ve learnt and help people with the asanas they find tricky, it’s always satisfying to improve on what you already have.  I am really looking forward to teaching these classes.

Padmasana - it has been a long journey to get this far.

Padmasana – it has been a long journey to get this far.

I guess if you’re interested you might want to know when and where these classes are.  The first one is on Tuesday 3rd June and every Tuesday after that during term time. They will be held in Leedstown Village Hall at 10-11.30am.  The cost will be £7 a class, or £5.50 a class if paid up front each half term.  If you’re interested get in touch via the website, follow the link above, or facebook. If you have any friends who might be interested then please share this with them.

Paschimottanasana - and release!

Paschimottanasana – and release!